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Here are some of the services we provide. Please schedule a consult with us if you would like to learn more or don’t see a specific service listed here.

Manual Therapy

We use manual therapy to modify your pain and improve range of motion/flexibility. This allows to improve muscle recruitment and movement pattern during exercise therapy to give you lasting effects. Techniques such as joint mobilizations, traction, muscle energy techniques, trigger point release, active trigger point release, myofascial release, deep friction mobilization and other forms of soft tissue mobilizations are utilized.

Biomechanic Analyses

Our bodies are good at protecting us from pain. This often means that we subconsciously or consciously compensate to avoid discomfort, which for one does not restore the problem and secondly it can lead to other injuries. At Stark Rehab we take pride in our movement analysis to build the strength within you. The body is not stronger than it’s weakest link - wether that link is the muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage…we will help your body and educate you in how to work with your body. Strength is one of the absolute most important factors to protect your body from injuries.

Pre-op and Post-op rehab

When you are at the point of having surgery you have either gone through a lot over a long period of time or gone through a lot in a blink of an eye. Either way your body is going to require quality care to heal optimally. The treatment after surgery needs to be strategic to the tissue’s healing progress. Your maximized outcomes are reached through close dialog with your physician, tailored treatment based on post-op protocol, and constant re-assessing of your status.

Exercise Therapy

This is where the magic happens! Strength, mobility, and flexibility - we all know we need it. But where do you need it? How should you do it? And what are the right exercises to do when you have pain? Let us answer these questions for you.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape is an adhesive, elastic, breathable, and water resistant tape. It can be a useful tool in the rehabilitation process. Depending on the application, the tape can alleviate pain, promote the body’s healing process, create support, or facilitate muscles without restriction range of motion.

IASTM (Graston)

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is used to apply mechanical stimulus to the body’s tissue. Beneficial effects includes activation of fibroblasts, reduce pain, improve blood circulation, and reduce metabolic rest products. This technique activates and facilitates your own body’s healing process.


The vestibular system consists of ears, the semicircular canals within the ears, and the sensor in the ear that sends signals to the brain, offering you the ability to keep balance. Certain factors can affect the signals from any part of the vestibular system causing symptoms like dizziness and vertigo. One might experience blurred vision, disorientation, stumbling, and feeling off-balance when suffering from a vestibular disorder.

One-on-One physical-therapy-treatments

We believe that individualized care is essential to maximize your treatment outcomes. The one-on-one treatment method allows patients with mental turmoil and internal pain to consult psychotherapists and share their minds. The therapeutic counseling sessions pacify the mind with comforting yet practical words, helping the patient get back to their everyday lives. The treatment boosts confidence and peace within.


In your physical therapy session, the physical therapist examines and assesses your medical needs based on pain or other physical symptoms, your ability to do everyday tasks, your medical history, and your sleeping routine. The physical therapists conduct hands-on treatments for your symptoms. In addition, they also guide you on special exercises to improve your body movement. The exercises help you stay on track and boost your fitness.

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